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Combining nearly 35 years of real estate experience and being formally established in 1993, this full service real estate apartment brokerage firm is equipped to handle any client transaction. Their experts are ready to guide and assist with a purchase, sale, or 1031 tax-deferred exchange.

When founders Jack Ross and Marsha Covert conceived of Capital-Growth Properties, they were determined that their business would stand apart from ordinary brokerage houses. They created an aggressive, growth-oriented company, but one that offers personalized and professional service and nurtures long-term client relationships.

Our goals are accomplished by helping our clients reach their goals, explains Jack. Our relationship with a client is really like a strong marriage. We intend to stick with a client through the good and the tough times. We believe in hard work and dedication and understanding the value of being truthful.

Adds Marsha, Honesty is important to us. We do not pretend to see things the way the client would like them to be. We see them as they actually are. So there are times when we have to educate our clients, and that is exactly what we do. We are objective observers who care about our clients' needs.

Capital-Growth Properties also prides itself on maintaining close contact with important real estate industry professionals, such as high net worth investors, brokers, lenders, and escrow officers. All of these relationships enable the firm to offer a full range of services to clients from an exceptionally solid base.

The company's principals have a track record that speaks for itself. They are especially proud of their performance during the downturn years of the real estate market, i.e., the late '80's through early '90's. Capital-Growth Properties continues to master the process of assessing market conditions and isolating outstanding opportunities.

They have a keen sensitivity which enables them to negotiate complex real estate transactions with the proven ability to help clients sell properties at premium prices and simultaneously represent buyers interested in discovering the exceptional deal. As professional brokers, they have closed transactions totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Specializing in Southern California, specifically Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County, Capital-Growth Properties looks to the future with enthusiasm and optimism. The company will continue to grow and evolve with its founders and staff, always casting a keen eye on the ever-changing conditions of the marketplace.

The individual and institutional investor will find working with this brokerage house to be a unique experience. They are a young and dynamic company, yet offer years of successful transactional experience, an entrepreneurial spirit, and consider ambition and integrity to be virtues of equal value.